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New IBM Redbook: Solving Business Problems with Informix TimeSeries

IBM has published a new Redbook titled Solving Business Problems with Informix TimeSeries.

The Redbook describes the benefits of the Informix Timeseries technology

From the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1. Overview of IBM Informix
  • Chapter 2. A use case for the Informix TimeSeries feature
  • Chapter 3. Defining your TimeSeries environment
  • Chapter 4. Implementing Informix TimeSeries
  • Chapter 5. Querying TimeSeries data

INFORMIX Infobahn 2012

(german content)

Einladung der IBM zur Informix Infobahn 2012

IBM Informix – die Legende lebt. Nach wie vor steht die Informix Datenbanklösung für Zuverlässigkeit, Schnelligkeit, Skalierbarkeit
und Hochverfügbarkeit, wird ständig weiterentwickelt und verbessert.

Damit Sie als Anwender mit den wechselnden Anforderungen des heutigen Geschäftsumfelds auch weiterhin souverän Schritt halten

  • Doch was hat sich aktuell verändert?
  • Welche Neuerungen gibt es?

Upgrading to the latest Informix

Well done video about the latest technology and features of Informix:

Informix Newsletter September 2012

(german content)

Neue Ausgabe des IBM/Informix Newsletters

Im Newsletter-Archiv befindet sich die neueste Ausgabe des INFORMIX-Newsletters.

Inhaltsverzeichnis der Ausgabe:

  • Aktuelles
  • TechTipp: onconfig_diff – Vergleich zweier ONCONFIG-Dateien
  • TechTipp: Things „NOT TO DO“
  • TechTipp: INFORMIX Warehouse Accelerator in einer Hochverfügbarkeitsumgebung (2). .4
  • TechTipp: Error -768 bei Update Statistics Medium/High

Informix Warehouse Accelerator - Technology Overview Video

Unbelievable but true: Someone from IBM that is NOT Informix heritage talks about Informix :-)

In the following video Guy Lohman - Manager Disruptive Information Management Architectures at IBM Research Almaden - describes the technology behind Informix Warehouse Accelerator:

I'm still wondering why IBM Marketing isn't able to promote this excellent product seriously ? Probably there are more dollars to earn with the expensive DB2/Netezza stack.

Ovum White Paper on IWA now publicly available

Good news: The white paper from Ovum about the Informix Warehouse Accelerator is now available for download:

Informix Accelerates Analytic Integration into OLTP Reference

The white paper focuses mainly on IWA but also mentions Informix MACH11 and Flexible Grid technology which both don't require expensive hardware components.

An excerpt from the Ovum white paper:

Informix Chat with the Lab: Utilizing Informix in the Apple Eco System

Title: Utilizing Informix in the Apple Eco System
Date: Thursday, September the 27th, 2012
Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (Central Time), 16:30h Germany
Presented By: Ian Ilsley -Software Engineer (IBM)
Registration: Utilizing Informix in the Apple Eco System


The presentation will cover iOS support for Informix. 

Applications can be seamlessly written to Support Informix as the backend. The 

Oninit Group launches Pay Per Pulse cloud-based service

A new 'product' or better a 'new service' from my friends of Oninit based on the Informix timeseries technology:

Good luck !

Analyst Papers covering Informix Warehouse Accelerator

Good news for all Informix Warehouse Accelerator fans. Two analysts have covered the latest IBM Informix technology in a white paper:

  1. PDF: IBM Informix in hybrid workload environments
  2. Informix Accelerates Analytic Integration into OLTP

Unfortunately the 2nd whitepaper from Ovum is only accessible to members.

Informix Chat with the Lab: ifxclone Feature

Title: ifxclone Feature
Date: Thursday, August the 23th, 2012
Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (Central Time), 16:30h Germany
Presented By: Donald Hutchinson -Software Engineer (IBM)
Registration: ifxclone Feature


In addition to the existing replication solutions that enables 
you to run a flexible number of Informix database servers 
sharing the same storage, Informix 11.70 introduces the 
ifxclone utility.