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Raw Revices in OpenSuse 12.1 and the udev-mechanism

Every time Suse comes with a new version of its operating system we must carefully have a look on how they handle raw devices resp. logical volumes. This week i  upgraded from Suse 11.4 to Suse 12.1, IDS remains unchanged on version 11.70. There is no substantial change in handling raw-devices by Suse 12.1, but it is very important to use the correct udev-file. otherwise you can get a surprise - may be that mouse and keyboard does not work....

Raw Devices on Suse Linux

Three steps to create a logical volume

How can we make raw devices in Suse Linux? Is there an easy way to build chunks based on raw devices with something like a Logical Volume manager?
The answer is: yes. In this article we learn the basics of LVM2 (created by Heinz Mauelshagen) and how to use it to create raw devices for an informix instance. We will not go through the whole set of LVM-commands but only those which are necessary for handling raw devices.

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