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planetIDS is offline


today I'm doleful to announce that will be offline for an undertimend period of time. It is no offense against the technical side of IBM Informix or the Informix community, it is just a silent protest against the business and marketing side of IBM that still treats Informix as Cinderella (:-

Informix Success Story

IIUG Insider August 2010

I just received the latest edition of the IIUG Insider newsletter. It contains harsh criticism addressed at IBM:

Newsletter August 2010

(german content)

Neue Ausgabe des IBM/Informix Newsletters

Im Newsletter-Archiv befindet sich die neueste Ausgabe (08/2010) des INFORMIX-Newsletters.

Inhaltsverzeichnis der Ausgabe August 2010:

  • Aktuelles
  • TechTipp: ONPERF
  • TechTipp: XTREE
  • TechTipp: INFORMIX mit lokalen und LDAP Benutzern unter Linux
  • WebTipp: Problem Resolution Page
  • WebTipp: Support Toolbar
  • Versionsinfo: 11.50.xC7W1 ist verfügbar

New IBM eBook: Build an enterprise-class infrastructure with IBM Informix clusters

IBM seems to have "silently" published a new eBook covering the flexible cluster configuration options of Informix.

Draft Version: IBM Redbook - IBM Informix Developer's Handbook

Draft Version: IBM Redbook - IBM Informix Developer's Handbook

A new IBM Redbook is currently under development:

New Informix Website from oninit

My friends from oninit have created a new website focusing on the free Informix editions:

The website contains a helpful Informix Application Development tutorial that describes the Informix database architecture and how to configure application development tools to access the Informix database.

IBM Informix on Power sets new TPC-C Benchmark – Beats ... by Wide Margin

Informix "tanken" bei der pirAMide

(german content)

Für alle, die sich näher für das Thema Informix interessieren, bietet die pirAMide Informatik GmbH die Veranstaltung „Informix Tankstelle“ an. Die Informix Tankstelle ist ein Seminar, in dem Vorträge zu verschiedenen Bereichen zum Thema Informix gehalten werden. Seit dem Start in 2009 ist die Veranstaltung gewachsen und findet immer mehr Zuspruch aus der Informix Welt.

IBM Database Magazine - Issue 3, 2010

A new issue of the IBM Database Magazine has been released.

There are three Informix related articles included:

Webcast - Informix Post End of Service Support Options and Upgrade Best practices

  • Date: Thursday, August the 26th
  • Time: 1.5 hour, 10:30 AM Pacific, 0:30 PM Central, 1:30 PM Eastern, 6:30 PM London, 7:30 PM Berlin/Paris
  • Title: Informix Post End of Service Support Options and Upgrade Best practices
  • Speaker: Al Martin(Director; WW Data Management Support); Charles Gonsalves
    (Sr. Manager; WW Informix Support, IBM,), Ron Privett (Sr.Engineer,
    Americas Down Systems and Diagnostics Team.), Chris Fender (Program

Informix Packaging and Pricing changes

IBM changed the pricing and packaging for Informix on Juli the 20th. You'll find further details on the websites listed below:

New blood for Informix

Good to see that some fresh blood reduces the average age of the Informix community :-)

Brand New IBM Redbook: Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to IBM Informix

IBM has published a brand new Redbook about migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to IBM Informix.

From the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Architecture overview
  • Chapter 3. Migration methodology
  • Chapter 4. SQL considerations

Informix Business Partner links

IBM has put together an excellent list of valuable resources for IBM Informix business partners and all other Informix interested parties.

You'll find the Wiki entry here:

Informix TechNotes

While checking the Informix URL List for dead links, I discovered a valuable URL from Informix Tech Support that provides helpful information as well as tips and tricks around Informix:

If you are new to Informix, check this URL as it contains a lot of small and handy tips around Informix that are updated frequently.

Newsletter Juli 2010

(german content)

Neue Ausgabe des IBM/Informix Newsletters

Im Newsletter-Archiv befindet sich die neueste Ausgabe (07/2010) des INFORMIX-Newsletters.

Inhaltsverzeichnis der Ausgabe Juli 2010:

  • Aktuelles
  • TechTipp: SEQUENCE
  • TechTipp: DRINTERVAL bei RSS
  • Hinweis: Ultimate- Growth- Innovator-C- Developer Edition

French Informix Newsletter: 2eme trimestre 2010

(French Content)

  • Editorial
  • Nouvelle politique de packaging et de prix pour les produits Informix.
  • Retour sur l’IIUG Informix Conference 2010
  • Résultats du Concours d’optimisation UGIF
  • Lettre de Robert D. Thomas, Vice President, Information Management, IBM Software Group
  • Informix 11.50.xC6 certifié pour SAP
  • Technique: Reconstruction de sysmaster lors d’une migration en 11.50.xC6
  • Technique : Dynamic Listen Threads

No we won't ever ever advertise individual products....

We have heard it so many times from IBM: "No we won't ever ever advertise individual products...."

However it seems to me that for certain products IBM finds subtle ways to bypass their own policy:

Excerpt of the Advertisement Text:

"What exactly does a benchmark mean? For the last five years, IBM DB2® has spent more time

Accessing Databases from WebSphere V7

For all of you working with Informix in combination with IBM Websphere, the following IBM RedPaper might be interesting and helpful. It covers the definition of data sources and contains a good description for performing those tasks in Websphere with IBM Informix as database backend:

When an application or WebSphere® component requires access to a database, 
that database must be defined to WebSphere as a data source. Two basic 
definitions are required. First, a JDBC™ provider definition defines an 
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