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An Open Letter to Craig S. Mullins

In a blog post, you made the following assertion:

Informix, which was purchased by IBM, is still being maintained and marketed, but DB2 is obviously IBM's primary DBMS so I personally would not choose it for new work.

Craig, I have to disagree with your choice and correct you about "IBM's obvious primary DBMS". IBM has a different database strategy than you are portraying. It is no longer the strategy to lead with DB2 wherever possible, it is now the strategy to find which of IBM's database offerings best matches the customer's requirements.

Informix is not only being enhanced dramatically (for example with MACH11) and actively marketed, but new customers are choosing Informix for its incredible scalibility, performance and low maintenance every day. Over 200 new ISV's have signed up with Informix this year along with hundreds of significant new customers. Revenue growth has been eye-watering for the last 11 quarters.

This by no means denigrates DB2, which is an excellent database with a loyal and active user community and great sales; but to dismiss Informix out of hand for such a cursroy and invalid reason could prevent someone from making a business decision that could save them serious money while providing major competitive technology advantages.

Have a look at how long it takes to set up a 4-way SDS cluster and then compare it with how long it takes to set up something similar from another vendor. Compare the ease of maintaining these and coding for them.

Have a look at achieving the same transaction throughput on SMP as a popular alternative on half the hardware with half the energy costs.

Now tell me that you wouldn't consider Informix seriously.

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