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Knock, knock, knock

I always know when there's a parcel for me: the postman rings the doorbell three times and then bangs on the door like I'm deaf. ;-)

And today, there was a parcel for me. My T-shirt for winning my segment of the Fastest Informix DBA contest arrived!

Thanks, Lester! I'll be wearing that out in no time at all!

Fastest DBA Contest


congratulations for being the fastest IBM Developer in the contest. That
is impressive !

The creation of such a contest was an excellent idea by long time Informix guru Lester
Knutsen. It adds a lot of fun on one side and on the other side it increases the
visibility of the individuals that joined the contest.

Congratualitions to all winners from The Informix Zone !

It is good to see that there exists is so much passion around Informix

However I would like to see a photo of you wearing your new T-Shirt :-)

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