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Informix in the Cloud - Part 1: Storing your ontape Backups on Amazon S3

In this new Informix in the Cloud Series I'll focus on how to setup, configure and deploy the Informix database in the Cloud. Based on it's sophisticated replication technology and excellent embeddability, Informix is the optimal choice for deploying a database in the Cloud.

Informix Warehouse Accelerator - Speed is everything

IBM announced the new Informix Warehouse Accelerator today. The product holds the data in a compressed column format in main memory and achieves query response times that are much faster then those of traditional data warehouses. Beta customers have reported query speedups from 30x through 1000x depending on the data and the type of query.

Kaulkin Information Systems Solution Leverages Informix Technology

Kaulkin Information Systems ( is a technology
and solution services company that offers simple, yet powerful and affordable, hosted
Software-as-a-Service and Cloud (SaaS|Cloud) computing governance, risk management and
compliance (GRC) technologies.

Their KISTrack® SaaS|Cloud technology platform has been selected by Brevard County, Florida
( as an image archival solution in the Clerk of the

Cloud Computing

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Im Nachgang zum 53. Workshop der Deutschen Informix User Group (IUG) möchte ich hier auf zwei interessante Einträge zum Thema Cloud Computing mit Informix verweisen:

Cloud Computing for Developers: Hosted by IBM and Amazon Web Services


This could be an interesting event for all of us who are interested in Cloud Computing. Good to see that IDS is part of this joined IBM/Amazon event. IDS with it's small footprint, great scalability and unmatched high availability architecture is probably the best suited commercial database for Cloud Computing:

Join us at this cloud computing virtual workshop for developers, professors, 

Neuer Artikel zu Informix Dynamic Server

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Informix aus der Cloud

In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Zeitschrift DatabasePro, die ab 07.07 offiziell am Kiosk erhaeltlich sein wird, ist ein Artikel zum Thema INFORMIX zu finden.

Dr. Jakob Jung beschreibt die neuen Funktionalitaeten und Angebote der IBM zu den Themen Datawarehousing und Virtualisierung/Cloud Computing mit Informix Dynamic Server.

Webcast - Compression and Storage optimization support in IDS

  • Date: Thursday, July the 15th
  • Time: 1 hour -- 8:30 AM PST, 10:30 AM Central, 11:30 AM Eeastern, 4:30 PM London, 5:30 PM Paris, 5:30 PM Berlin
  • Title: Compression and Storage optimization support in IDS
  • Speaker: Kevin Cherkauer

You can register for the webcast here...

This month's Informix Chat with the Lab will be related to Smarter 

Webcast - Virtualization and Cloud Computing with IDS

  • Date: Thursday, June the 11th
  • Time: 1 hour -- 8:30 AM PST, 10:30 AM Central, 11:30 AM Eeastern, 4:30 PM London, 5:30 PM Paris, 5:30 PM Berlin
  • Title: Virtualization and Cloud Computing with IDS
  • Speaker: Guy Bowerman

You can register for the webcast here...

This month's Informix Chat with the Lab will be on the popular 

Webcast: Introduction to Amazon EC2 Running IBM

This is a live webcast hosted by Amazon. It is not Informix specific but discusses the the use of various IBM products (including IDS) on the Amazon EC2 platform:

  • Date: Thursday, May the 7th
  • Time: 9:00am PDT, 12:00pm EDT, 5:00 PM London, 6:00 PM Paris, 6:00 PM Berlin
  • Title: Introduction to Amazon EC2 Running IBM


Amazon Web Services and IBM have recently joined forces to 

Using IDS in the Amazon EC2 Cloud

The Amazon Web Services Blog has an interesting new article about using IBM Informix Dynamic Server in the Amazon EC2 Computing Cloud. The blog entry has links to flash presentations discussing the following topics:

  1. Getting started with IDS and Amazon Web services
  2. High Availability Demo

Amazon Web Services: cloud computing with Informix!

Today IBM announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver pay-as-you-go instances of IDS 11.50 Developer Edition and other IBM Software Group products running in the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The IDS 11.50.UC3 Developer Edition instances, running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2, are available now to purchase and use at the Amazon base rate of 10c/hour.

Guy Bowerman has the details!

Who will win: budgets or cloud computing?

I found a very interesting article here:

A lot of noise is currently being generated around Cloud Computing and flexible IT infrastructures based on virtualised platforms.

There is no doubt that the technologies to be found at the heart of these types of solutions have matured considerably over the course of the last couple of years. However, both face significant challenges before any of the currently available offerings can be fully exploited by organisations.

For Cloud computing, chief amongst these concerns is the readiness of mainstream organisations to trust significant proportions of their essential, and hence incredibly valuable, corporate information to platforms and suppliers over whom they have little control and who might hold the data wherever they wish. Such a leap of faith is today beyond consideration in many business scenarios.

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