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New DBD::Informix Driver supports Perl 5.14.0

A new version of the Informix/Perl Database Driver has been released. The DBD::Informix Driver implements the Perl DBI (DataBase Interface). The Perl DBI allows Perl programmers to write database independent code that works with various databases that provide a DBD-Module.

Analyzing Logical Log Traffic


Did you ever ask yourself one or more of the following questions:

Getting DBD::Informix to work on Mac OS X

Courtesy of Clive Eisen at Hildebrand:

#First download perl source - I used 5.10.0
#untar or unzip as required
#cd into the perlsourcedir/hints and
rm -f
rsync rsync:// .
#This gets the bleeding edge darwin hints file that finally supports a
64 bit build on OSX
cd ..
./Configure -Dcc='cc -m64' -Duse64bitall -des
make && make test && make install

#Now you have a 64bit perl in /usr/local/bin that you can link with the
64bit SDK

#Only other thing to note is that on OSX LD_LIBRARY_PATH is called

Red Hat / Centos Perl bug could affect Informix users

Clive Eisen at Hildebrand has just advised me of a bug in the RedHat / Centos Perl binary. Apparently, there is a risk that people using Informix with Perl on RedHat or Centos could have a performance problem.

Talking with Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby to IDS

Creating a Powerful Mixture

This article describes the database interfaces of popular script languages like Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby which provide direct access to data stored in Informix Dynamic Server.

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